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Mkrtich Tonoyan

My practice is a disagreement with current world power structures and an attempt to investigate causes, perform resistance and enact change. When I discovered that ‘beauty’ couldn’t change the world anymore I started to think about alternative approaches, strategies, aesthetics and positions developing in the field of Contemporary Art.

Conceptual art gave me the chance to talk louder and announce my ideas and position, drawn from my life experience. My practice follows the direction of "Military Art", founded in Armenia by Alexander Melkonyan, and my first steps were made with his help.

Using strategies of performative actions and the re-appropriation of military artifacts and aesthetics, Military Art stands in resistance to the violence and domination of hegemonic power. War is the part of life where traditions have been formed in extreme conditions at the edge of life and death.

Military art draws upon existential philosophy to perceive the world through military “culture” and “aesthetics”. By studying war, artists might find the way to disrupt and dismantle the military thinking that continues to control our world. Military Art complexifies the binaries of war and peace, moral and immoral, good and evil, and recognizes the manipulations that limit knowledge and shrink perspective.  

Our former religious and political utopias have failed, but we have yet to attempt a spiritual utopia... In my work I seek to trouble hierarchies and I assume the possibility of horizontal, rhizomatic communities. I consider human beings the utmost culture in this world, with “godlike” idea, dreaming soul and inner emotional world.

In my work I am searching for a New Utopia of humanity, where love and creative souls thrive.

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